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 Vertical Profile Mode, and the BRG selector. The learning has only just started, but you should now be armed with enough information to begin using your radar effectively.
I would like to give a shout-out to two individuals in particular, Archie Trammell and Erik Eliel, that have contributed a lot of information on radar usage to the pilot community.
Additional resources for in-depth radar use:
Erik Eliel’s website:
Archie Trammell’s website:
Editor’s note: This article first appeared in Twin & Turbine Magazine and is reprinted with permission.
An ATP-rated pilot, Joe Ratterman formerly owned
a Piper Meridian and now flies a Pilatus PC-12. Joe retired from a successful corporate executive career in 2015 and now flies as a professional charter pilot for an Overland Park, Kansas-based FBO. He is also the current board chairman/president for Angel Flight Central.
         Archie and Erik are the “go-to” experts for airborne radar usage, and you can find their references and links at the end of this article. We didn’t have enough time with this article to teach you the many important details that you can learn from them. If you understand the basic principles presented in this article, however, then take
the next step and get Archie’s advanced radar course and look for an opportunity to attend one of Erik’s interactive radar semin•ars. Just like when you first got your private
                 pilot license°
, you aren’t really done now; the learning has just begun!

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