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Figure 2: Fatal Accident Trends
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         and both have been presented
in prior
Magazine articles. There
was spirited discussion at
the Convention regarding better understanding
of, and training for, the stall/
spin scenario, as well as debate on the potential
effectiveness of autopilot tech- nology to reduce these usually fatal accidents.
On a positive note, and to
put this past accident year in perspective, this is the lowest number of accidents we’ve had in the fleet during a 12-month convention to convention period since 1997 (which also happened to be a fatal-free year). We should congratulate ourselves on this achievement, but not
get complacent.
At right is a graph of accident count and accident rate (accidents per total flying airframes) for the worldwide PA-46 fleet since the airframe’s introduction (Fig. 1).
You can see the low number of total accidents the past two years. You can also see the trend line for the accident rate is generally sloping downward, at a faster rate than general aviation as a whole. This is a good thing.
Even more impressive is what we’ve achieved the past few years regarding fatal accidents. The graph
above (Fig. 2) shows, for the past
27 years, the annual fatal accident count (grey line), and the rate of fatal accidents (red line). You can see the sharply decreasing trend line over time. (I am being optimistic that we will NOT have a fatal accident in the remaining two months of this year!) Note that our current fatal accident rate is one-quarter what it was during the early 1990’s.
Board members Joe Casey and
Bart Bartlett discussed in some detail MMOPA safety imperatives underway.
To briefly summarize, these
are: Fly more, train often, and understand the stall/spin scenario. Pilots who fly more 100 hours yearly get less rusty. Pilots who train twice yearly are more proficient. And we all need to understand how stall/
spins happen, and how to avoid and/ or recover. Much more information is available on the MMOPA website
“Safety” tab.
For now, let’s give thanks (and
even congratulate ourselves) for a low accident fatal-free past 12 months.
At our 2012 Convention (which also happened to be at the Broadmoor), I showed the this graphic, and exhorted our membership to strive for zero fatal accidents (which at the time seemed near impossible).
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But we’ve shown we can do
it. We can fly these planes more safely, without inflight loss of control and the resulting deadly crashes. Let’s each resolve to
do it again n•ext year, and the
year after th° after that...
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number of fatal accidents
Fatal accident rate per 100 registered
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