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The offending tire that led to an exciting landing. Upon inspection afterward, the valve stem was missing.
The track of the flat tire was evident on the runway.
issue. Clay had just landed one of those proverbial greasers and the lineman came into the FBO sometime later saying that one of the main tires had gone flat. Upon inspection
of the tube, Clay said his valve stem had failed. On my tube, the valve stem was missing, but was that due to failure of the valve stem or rolling down the runway that sheared
it off? It is interesting to note that these two airplanes were very close in serial numbers. Maybe we both were subjected to a bad batch of inner tubes.
Being one that never believed in luck, I rethought what had happened on that landing and why was I so fortunate to keep the airplane on the runway. Two points:
1. With nearly 1,000 hours in the logbook in a taildragger, one must believe there is something to being on those rudder pedals.
2. The PIC is just that – in command. I commanded the airplane where to go and with my tailwheel experience,
I believe that contributed to my success in kee•ping the damage to a minimum. ° you need a tailwheel endorsement?
The runway edge is notably higher than the ground abutting it. Thankfully, Stephen prevent- ed the aircraft from an off-runway excursion.
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