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by Dianne White
Welcome to our inaugural
I Safety Annual
t is our intention to use the final issue of each calendar year to place
greater focus on safety and what we as an organization can do to make our community more proficient, educated and in the end, safer. This issue gives us the opportunity to “think globally” about the state of our PA46 safety record and best practices for improving it, and then provide you tools to “act
locally” to make your daily flight operations the safest it can be.
The MMOPA Safety Committee has been working this year to identify how we can make a significant impact on safety. In addition, their goal is to engage
as many people as possible beyond weekend safety events. As the saying goes, knowing the nature of the problem is the first step toward a solution.
At this year’s National Business Aviation Association Single-Pilot Safety Standdown, NBAA Safety Committee member Dan Ramirez shared that after studying data from more than 2,000 single-pilot GA accidents, these events tend to fall into three categories: runway excursions, undershoot/overshoot landings and loss of control in flight. Not surprisingly, these scenarios are similar to the ones that plague our PA46 community and are the focus of our Safety Committee.
So, at this year’s MMOPA Convention, the Safety Committee led by Joe Casey unveiled the MMOPA Master Aviator Program. This program focuses on the three key areas that led to accidents in the PA46 community: loss of control, skill deficits in directional control and lack of proficiency due to not flying enough. The program adds a spirit of competition among our members to
work through progressively higher levels within the program. Members who complete the requirements will be recognized and awarded their Aviator, Senior Aviator or Master Aviator “wings” at the 2019 Convention. Read more about the program on page 36.
The Safety Committee is also working on Operational Practices for the PA46 community. This is different than “procedures” in that it provides a consistent, repeatable way of approaching certain tasks or series of tasks throughout each phase of flight, rather than hard-and-fast rules. The idea is that if you fly your plane in a consistent, disciplined manner, you’ll have more bandwidth to recognize and respond to abnormal conditions or situations.
Finally, I hope you have downloaded and are using the MMOPA FRAT tool. It is available in the Apple App Store, is an iOS tool especially designed for the PA46.
All of these activities (and more are in the works), have made possible by the hard work by our volunteer members on the Safety Committee. In addition, the newly formed MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation will ensure that the fruits of their labor are available to all MMOPA members. The Foundation supports safety programs, events, resources and tools for the PA46 community.
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