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MMOPA Suggested Training Timeline
 A new PA46 pilot should follow the timeline in the chart accompanying this article to advance up the levels to Master Aviator. The timeline must be followed sequentially for a voucher to be used.
Progress to Master Aviator Level
At what Aviator level does an experienced PA46 pilot enter the Master Aviator Program? That pilot would simply move up the levels based on the training he/
she has received. So, if a pilot has 300-plus hours in the PA46, has a tailwheel endorsement, and has attended
a mid-year training event in the last five years, that pilot would enter the Master Aviator Program at the Aviator Award. But, if that pilot were to receive stall/ spin training, that pilot would instantly move up to the Master Aviator Award, and be recognized at the next MMOPA Convention.
Using another hypothetical example, if an experienced PA46 pilot were to have a tailwheel endorsement, had received stall-spin training, had attended a mid-year training event in the last five years, and had more 300 hours of PA46 flight time, but have flown only 70 hours in the last year, that pilot would not qualify for any of the award levels. But, if that pilot were to fly additional hours so that he/she had 100-plus hours in the last 12 months, that pilot would be awarded the Master Aviator Award.
To retain the Master Aviator Award for successive years, a pilot need only attend some type of aviation training event and have flown 100 hours in the last year.
Will the Master Aviator Program prove beneficial to our community? That completely depends upon membership participation. It is the hope of MMOPA that all pilots will embrace the program and gain the training required for awarding.
At the most recent MMOPA Convention (October 2018, Colorado Springs, CO) an auction was held
to create seed money to the MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation. The Foundation is helping
to kickstart the Master Aviator Program. Wildly successful by every measurement, the auction provided approximately $50,000 to help support the program. Many vendors donated auction items and as many members were willing to buy those items at above-retail pricing, all knowing the money was to go to a great cause. I was floored by the overwhelming support of the membership.
So, the Master Aviator Program is up and running, and ready for full participation. If you’ve not planned upcoming training, I challenge you
to do so. The training should be fun and fruitful.
If you complete the program, MMOPA will be honored to pin Master Aviator Wings on your chest

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