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Bart Bartlett’s Safety Committee whose members include Dave Bennett, Hank Gibson, Bill Inglis, David McVinnie, Charlie Precourt and David Purvis. The Foundation also has a new website: with more materials to be uploaded in the coming weeks.
President’s Award
This year the President’s Award was bestowed upon Manny Casiano at the convention. For those who did not attend, past recipients included:
2004 David Coats
2005 John Mariani
2006 Kevin Mead
2007 Johnny Foster
2008 Mona Rathmel 2009 Bob Kromer
2010 Sy Weiner
2011 Russ Caauwe
2012 Henry Van Kesteren 2013 Jonathan Sisk
2014 Jeff Schweitzer 2015 Tom Kieffer 2016 Bill Alberts
Interesting facts about Manny:
• Soloed on 16th birthday (waited until next day for driver’s test)
• Pilot since 1970; PA46 owner since 1997
• General surgeon & hospital administrator
• MMOPA President 2015-2016. Term emphasized collaboration with Piper.
• Past chair, MMOPA Safety Committee
• Has delivered MMOPA Convention Safety Review since
2006, stressing aspirational goal of zero PA46 accidents
My comments, which Jon Sisk read to the attendees:
Wish I was there to hand this well-deserved award to
you in person. You personify the meaning of the President’s Award as you have selflessly year after year dedicated your
time to the advancement of safety in the PA-46 airframe through your insightful objective analysis and Convention presentations of PA46 crash data and then guided this organization in the same thoughtful objective manner as MMOPA’s President.
Thank you, Manny, for a job well done. We all look forward to your continued contributions.”
MMOPA has been blessed with many talented contributors to the organization including each one of our members. Your Board will be meeting in early 2019 to discuss new Board members, which will be nominated and then voted on at the Amelia Island Convention
to be held the week of Memorial Day in 2019. Please consider notifying one of your Board members or our Executive Director if you have an interest in serving on
a committee or participation in our organization as a Board member.
2019 MMOPA Convention
To avoid the chaos of having the interruption of another hurricane, MMOPA’s Board has voted to
move our conventions from the Fall of the year to the Spring. Our next convention will move to Amelia Island, Florida Wednesday May 29 through Sunday June 2, 2019 following Memorial Day. This, too, is a return venue
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Initial and Recurrent Training
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golf courses just outside the front door! Our Executive Director along with our convention planner is planning an outstanding academic presentation along with a special event to•be announced at a later date. Please plan to
attend; I°
certainly will be and hopefully no medical issues for me.

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