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avionics suite, even replacing the radar and autopilot, significantly reducing your sustainment costs of the aircraft and avoiding obsolescence issues well into the next decade.
BLR Winglets
Available for the C90, 200, and 300 series, BLR makes a carbon fiber winglet that not only gives your King Air a more modern look, but also improves performance. With these winglets, you can expect reduced fuel burn, improved short field performance, extended range, and reduced time to climb. The reduced drag and fuel consumption can be five percent or more.
Raisbeck Modifications Available for All Models
Raisbeck has been modifying King Airs for decades. A mod available for all King Air models is wing lockers, which add external storage to the King Air by modifying
The newest propeller offered by Raisbeck and produced by Hartzell is the Swept Blade Turbofan Propeller, which offers
increased thrust and acceleration. (PHOTO CREDIT: ELLIOTT AVIATION)
Composite curved propellers, winglets, and Raisbeck’s Ram Air Recovery were added to the B200GT to make the new King Air 250. There have been approximately 160 King Air 250s produced since its introduction in 2011.
the existing nacelle and adding a fiberglass storage area. The lockers can each accommodate 300 lbs of cargo with a 17 cubic-foot capacity. Wing lockers have been standard on the 350 since 2004.
Another Raisbeck option available for all King Airs are the Dual Aft Body Strakes. According to Raisbeck, the strakes improve directional stability, passenger ride quality, pilot control and aircraft handling characteristics, and climb and cruise performance. These have been standard on the 350 since 2001.
Raisbeck offers propellers for nearly every King Air model. The newest propeller, produced by Hartzell, is the Swept Blade Turbofan Propeller. This design features a curved propeller blade. Benefits of this system, other than the obvious cool look of a four-blade swept propeller, are increased thrust and acceleration, all while producing less cabin noise.
King Air C90 Market
When looking at the C90 market, there are several defining points where the market views a production change significant enough to affect value beyond an adjustment for the model year. For example, the King Air C90B was pretty uniform for its entire production run. All but a handful of 1992 models had Collins EFIS- 84, and all had Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 engines. For the most part, the C90B market is fairly homogenous. It is moving in the same direction with little difference at either end.
The C90 market continues to be the most sluggish of the King Airs. The C90B market continued to fall in 2016. The average number of days on the market in 2016 for the C90B was 254 days, with just over five percent of the fleet sold. Market activity was down slightly in 2016, with five fewer units sold over 2015. The selling prices for an average aircraft are between $800,000 and $1,200,000, which is down around nine percent from 2015.
Produced in 2006 and 2007, the King Air C90GT was an improvement over the C90B as the engines
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