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power wire terminal and the other test light lead to a good fuselage grounded part or screw in the wheel well. Next, press the fire wall valve switch to close the fire wall valve and arm the fire extinguisher. The Fire EXTINGUISHER PUSH light and the test light should both light with low intensity. Next, press and hold the left fire extinguisher switch. The Fire EXTINGUISHER PUSH light should extinguish and the test light should increase in intensity. (Test light consists of one 327 light bulb connected to two 22 gauge wires with alligator clips.)
2. The ground wires shall be tested by connecting one lead of an ohmmeter to the removed squib ground terminal wire on each squib and the other lead to a good fuselage grounded part / screw in the wheel well. The resistance value of the ground wire should be close to zero ohms.
If either of the above do not test correctly, further troubleshooting and repair is required.
Note: We will submit a Publications Change Request to add this procedure to the appropriate manuals.
ATA 30 – King Air 250 Propeller De-ice Boot Protection Circuit Kit
BB-1509 and after; BL-141 and after;
BY-1 and after; BZ-1 and after with Composite Propeller Blade STC SA02130SE
King Air Communiqué 2015-07 described a condition in which severe damage to the propeller de-ice boots can occur if the Prop De-Ice system was left ON with the engines not running. Textron Aviation has developed a kit in which power is prevented from reaching the de-ice boots if the Prop De-Ice system is left in the ON position.
The part number of the kit is 101-3301-0001 and it is applicable to serial number airplanes mentioned above.
The kit consists of replacing the engine oil pressure switch with one that will send a signal to a PCB indicating that oil pressure is present before power is allowed to flow to the de-ice boots.
ATA 52 - Emergency Exit Door Handle Spring
Due to issues on some King Air 300/B300 and 200/ B200 series aircraft where the emergency exit exterior door handle was reported as not fitting flush with the door, Textron Aviation has approved use of a spring that provides more tension for holding the handle flush. The original 100942H0016-16 spring can be replaced with a 100942H0016-12 that has less active coils and provides more tension for the door handle to stay flush. This spares option will be added to the applicable Illustrated Parts Catalog in future revisions.
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