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  B200C (C-12F), BP-64 thru BP-71, BL-73 thru BL-112, BL-118thru BL-123;
B200C (UC-12F), BU-1 thru BU-12; B200C (UC-12M), BV-1 thru BV-12; B200C (C-12R), BW-1 thru BW-29.
Reason: New anchors in the pedestal provide enhanced clearance for wire harnesses.
Compliance – OPTIONAL: This service document can be accomplished at the discretion of the owner.
A service document published by Textron Aviation may be recorded as completed in an aircraft log only when the following requirements are satisfied:
1. The mechanic must complete all of the instructions in the service document, including the intent therein.
2. The mechanic must correctly use and install all applicable parts supplied with the service document kit. Only with written authorization from Textron Aviation can substitute parts or rebuilt parts be used to replace new parts.
3. The mechanic or airplane owner must use the tech- nical data in the service document only as approved and published.
4. The mechanic or airplane owner must apply the information in the service document only to aircraft serial numbers identified in the Effectivity section of the document.
5. The mechanic or
airplane owner must use maintenance practices that are identified as acceptable standard practices in the aviation industry and governmental regulations.
No individual or corporate or-
ganization other than Textron Aviation is authorized to make or apply any changes to a Textron Aviation-issued service document or flight manual supplement with- out prior written consent from Textron Aviation.
Textron Aviation is not respon- sible for the quality of mainte- nance performed to comply with this document unless the maintenance is accomplished at a Textron Aviation-owned Ser- vice Center.
The above information may be abbreviated for space purposes. For the entire document, go to KA
     JANUARY 2019

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