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             Ice Shield® Launches new Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Installation Application for Wing Boots
Ice Shield De-Icing Systems has announced the launch of Ice Shield PSATM, a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) installation application that will reduce installation labor and allow minimal aircraft downtime when replacing wing de-ice boots, a Peel.Stick.Fly.TM
Ice Shield’s PSA product line will provide a faster, neater and easier installation compared to the traditional contact cement installation. Ice Shield PSA boots can be inflated just two hours after installation for a quick turn, getting the aircraft back to service in about the time the log book entry is completed.
Ice Shield PSA parts are offered for most of its catalog of certified Ice Shield wing boots, allowing customers to have a choice of either the PSA application or traditional contact adhesive application. All Ice Shield customers have unlimited access to expert technical support and first-class customer service, plus all PSA parts are covered under the standard Ice Shield No-Hassle warranty.
The company says the new Ice Shield Pressure Sensitive Adhesive parts are manufactured with the same world- class quality and reliability provided by Ice Shield since the brand launched in 1999. Also, it is Ice Shields guarantee that all of its PSA parts are guaranteed to be delivered within 72-hours or less.
Ice Shield PSA products are not available for sale or shipment to Canada, U.K., Germany, or France. Ice Shield standard wing boots are available for sale and shipment worldwide.
To learn more about Ice Shield PSA, contact the customer service team at 1 (800) 767-6899, email info@, or visit the website at www.iceshield. com/PSA. A list of Ice Shield authorized distributors is available at and factory trained Installation centers are listed at
Jet Shades Offers First Removable Sun Protective Panels for Pilots
Jet Shades, the exclusive manufacturer of removable tinted cockpit window panels, now offers a complete line of standard solutions to protect pilots from heat, glare
      JANUARY 2019

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