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Third Quarter 2020
         LT H C A R E LAW FIRM
Wachler & Associates represents healthcare providers, suppliers, and other entities and individuals in Michigan and nationwide in all areas of health law including, but not limited to:
• Healthcare Corporate and Transactional Matters, including Contracts, Corporate Formation, Mergers, Sales/Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures
• Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Third-Party Payor Audits and Claim Denials
• Licensure, Staff Privilege, and Credentialing Matters
• Provider Contracts
• Billing and Reimbursement Issues
• Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), and Fraud & Abuse Law Compliance
• Physician and Physician Group Issues
• Regulatory Compliance
• Corporate Practice of Medicine Issues
• Provider Participation/Termination Matters
• Healthcare Litigation
• Healthcare Investigations
• Civil and Criminal Healthcare Fraud
• Medicare and Medicaid Suspensions, Revocations, and Exclusions
• HIPAA, HITECH, 42 CFR Part 2, and Other Privacy Law Compliance
         Detroit Medical News 5
This is a time for dialogue, not debate. In a debate, participants state their arguments to convince each other that they are right. In dialogue, there is no right or wrong. Participants share thoughts and opinions in order to better understand each other and to discover the truth together. When you encounter a colleague driven to debate and not dialogue, you can help to highlight your common goal.
We share a common goal for all of our patients to live their healthiest lives regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. There are actions that we can take on the individual level to reach this goal, and there are also systematic issues that require a concerted effort to enable equality in policies and institutions. What action do you feel is appropriate to promote equity for all our patients?
Just as in the COVID pandemic, no one has all the answers right now. We have identified the problem, and we have taken the important first step of committing to improvement. Keeping our focus on the common goal of health equity for all patients will allow us to have meaningful conversations that will help us move closer to our goal. Equip yourself with knowledge on the issues, and make a commitment to have uncomfortable conversations that will help guide all of us to the truth.
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2. AMA Center for Health Equity. https:// healthequity
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