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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
of medicine from my own personal experiences of being on the other side of healthcare than my years at medical school and as a practicing doctor in 2 different countries and health systems. No matter what setting or where in the world you practice, medical knowledge is undoubtedly crucial in career progression, but your ATTITUDE is what will make you succeed.
Never underestimate the power you possess, irrespective of training level, to make a REAL difference. It is
not your awards or publications, the medication you prescribe, the procedure or surgery you perform, but the way you make the patient FEEL that they will
An Ode to Physicians
Written by Naveen Kachroo, MD, PhD, Urology, Henry Ford Health System
As the coronavirus pandemic sinks its insatiable teeth indiscriminately into our world’s core,
we as physicians will be tested to our limits in an unprecedented way. There is no time for selfish heroic desires or egos. No lecture series or guidelines can prepare you for those heart wrenching moments and decisions. All I can offer is some solace facing this unpredictable adversary that you can be the hero you were born to be, even if you may not feel it.
It really is true that you can only know how a person feels when you walk around in their shoes for the day. I learnt more about the art
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