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 cardiovascular death when compared to normotensive pregnancies. Similarly, the Medical Birth Registry of Norway found that preterm (<37 weeks) preeclampsia
in women with one lifetime pregnancy conferred a 9.4 fold risk of cardiovascular death [BMJ 2012;345:e7677]; Highlighting the importance of screening for hypertension in pregnancy AND preterm delivery. The increased rate of CVD events in women who experience preeclampsia may be linked to higher rates of subsequent chronic hypertension [Eur J Epidemiol (2013)28:1] and diabetes mellitus [Hypertension.2009;53:944:951] – up to 3-fold relative risk for both, but many unanswered questions on pathophysiology remain.
It is increasingly difficult to examine preeclampsia
as an isolated risk factor for CVD as more cases are
now associated with obesity and chronic hypertension [Seminars in Perinatology 39(2015)276-283]. There
have been many advances in clinical and interventional cardiology in the past 3 decades, but CVD mortality in younger women is on the uptrend [Semin Perinatol. 2015 June;39(4):268-275; Circulation.2010;121:e46-e215]. Historically, there has been bias in clinical practice and in medical research that has favored middle-aged, White men; however, the need for age and sex favoritism in
the pursuit of understanding the reproductive health
“... the need for age and sex favoritism in the
pursuit of understanding the reproductive health of young, females of color is obvious. There is opportunity to effect change in this unfortunate mortality trend ... “
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